Social Apps

Harness the power of social media beautifully and easily.

We’ve made it incredibly easy to create beautiful social media content that you can plug-n-play in any digital signage software in minutes. With Screenfeed’s Social Apps Dashboard, you are in complete control of every post displayed on your screens. Select from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or even combine them together, define rules for your content and then choose how you’d like them displayed. Like all Screenfeed content - it just works!

Choose your content

Choose your content
  • Pick from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or combine posts from all three!
  • Display posts from your own account
  • Share positive posts about your company
  • Show employees what your customers say about you or your competition
  • Entertain and engage guests with posts from popular accounts you select

Define rules with filters

Define rules with filters
  • Exclude posts that are replies
  • Exclude retweets from the feed
  • Require photos in posts
  • Remove links from posts
  • Randomize order of posts

Customize your design

Customize your design
  • Choose from several color pallettes or select colors to match your brand
  • Alternatively get a JSON or XML feed to integrate into your own template
  • Available in 16:9, 9:16 shapes or sizes for footers and sidebars
  • Remove number of likes if your posts are not that popular or hide the time of the post
  • Add an optional call to action

Pick from several ready-made and customizable layout styles

Moderate your feed

Choose your content

Our optional moderation tool gives you the power to ensure only the posts you want to be shown on your screens are shown.

If you choose only trusted accounts there is no requirement to moderate unless you want to select only certain types of posts.

If you include posts by keyword or hashtag you’ll appreciate the moderation tool built to work on any mobile or desktop device.

Users often moderate once a day, once a week or even once a month. Its up to you.

Four ways to use Screenfeed Social Apps

We know you'll think of more!

1. Promote Your Messages to Viewers

Display your own social media content to promote your company or educate viewers about your organization or products. Doing so expands the reach of your social content beyond users of the individual social media apps to everyone that sees your screens.

2. Company Awareness

Share with your employees what customers are saying about your company or products (good or bad) on social media so they can react to unfiltered customer feedback.

3. Elevate the Perception of your Company

Not much is more valuable to a company than positive customer testimonials. Screenfeed’s Social App makes it easy to select and display positive messages about your company from your fans on social media.

4. Entertain & Engage an Audience

Social media is a powerful entertainment medium with a lot of really great short-form content. Screenfeed’s Social App makes it easy to entertain an audience with contextual-based media that makes your screens more relevant. Tip: Display posts from popular accounts related to your audience’s interests along with your own posts in the same stream.

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