Video News Bites


The only daily, HD news produced specifically for the digital signage medium delivers today's 'friendly' news in short segments with captions in consistent clip length.

  • More Details

    This original production is produced by our editors daily to provide the very best video news option for the digital signage industry. First, we select the most interesting and appropriate news of the day. No murders, sex abuse, violence or depressing financial news. There are many ways to get the bad news; we focus on what's interesting and fits your venue. Next, we produce each segment in beautiful HD and include captions for use in low or no sound environments. Lastly, network operators love that our news clips are always consistent in length - and each clip is built to play back-to-back as a :60 or 1:30 segment, or to be split apart and played separately. Smart, huh? Optional 5-second intro to play ahead of files in the playlist is available as well.

  • Works with and without Audio

    Every segment has a voice over and music bed, but contains full-text captions to function on silent screens.

  • Size Formats

    Available as 1280x720 HD MP4 videos.

  • Customer Friendly

    Our own editorial staff selects every topic and writes each story to provide the most engaging and appropriate set of news for public viewing. Additionally, keyword filtering and our online moderation tool are available for this feed.

  • Length Per Clip

    Clip lengths are always exactly a consistent 30-seconds.

  • Refresh Frequency

    Six stories are added every weekday. Typically updated by 12pm CST.

  • Recommended Loop Fill

    This feed can fill between :30 - 6:00 depending on how many segments you include in your playlist. Its up to you!

  • Playback Methods

    Delivery options include Media RSS or our Delivery Boy app. Additional automated option for Broadsign (MonitorSync) users.

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